Rabobank's mobile app just got a major update for one of its main features after a long time without any new additions and going through a technical migration.

I had the chance to help the product team in enhancing the visual appeal of the feature to match other aspects of retail banking, while also introducing new functionalities tailored to meet our customers' needs. This allowed us to enhance user experience and offer better insights into their spending behaviour and financial well-being.

Platform: mobile/web

Company: Rabobank

Role: UX designer

Year: 2022


Transaction timeline

We've created a comprehensive timeline component that caters to various use cases and business rules. The timeline was formulated by me, incorporating inputs from various product teams and business stakeholders.

We've maintained consistency in the credit card feature by employing the same timeline to ensure a coherent user experience.


Balance graph

Before redesigning the balance graph, 'What's my spending limit and how much can I spend?' stood out as a frequently asked question. We have simplified the graph by employing contrasting colors and including relevant information. Through minor adjustments we have managed to significantly enhanced this functionality.

Monthly roundup

For enhanced insights into users' spending habits, we've implemented a feature known as the 'Monthly Roundup' within the transaction timeline. At the end of each monthly credit card cycle, we display a concise summary of the settlement amount.